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We were graced to have a distinguished member of the CENTRAL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF BELIEVER'S LOVEWORLD, PASTOE TOM OBIAZI.

Here are his words;





Then the co-ordinator of Youth Connect, Samuel Zion, asked;

Sir, One of our participants from Nigeria asked,   "How can young people make a difference in their generation in face of current environmental challenges?"   Thank you sir

Pastor Tom Obiazi responds;



Hello everyone, it is a great pleasure to be here this evening, i'm MNENA INYAREGH.

What is the role of the holy spirit in my success?

The holy spirit plays a vital role in our day to day life.... the bible says in gen 1:2 that the spirit of God was upon the face on the earth, right from creation the holy spirit has been there.

I believe the spirit of God is always there to guide us through life, most times in life we find it difficult to make decisions about certain things and just when you think you have lost it, the spirit of GOD gives you direction, most times we say " our conscience' or something told me to do it this way, but that something is always the spirit of God. in judges 14:5-6 samson was faced with a lion and the spirit of God came upon him and he dint even know when he finished the lion. when you find urself in a situation you cant handle on your own just ask the spirit for guidance and he will be there to see you though.

In the book of acts 10:38, Jesus told his disciples that they will receive power when the holy spirit comes upon them, this power means that in every area of their life, they will be successful. an only operate in this realm if you have a relationship with GOD. most times when i'm getting into that corner that looks like i cant make it i just switch to tongues and its so refreshing cos after that it all works out like it was never difficult.


You are responsible for your life and how you turn out in life. the decisions you make in life are yours and the consequences that follow each decision is yours to carry. most times people look for who to blame for how they turn out in life, but i believe that you are primarily responsible for ur life.

Samuel Zion asked;

There are some people i have met that wants someone to push' them nefore they act, make a decision or do someting signiificant. What id the 'pusher' isnt there to help them, what becomes of them? and if they failm who is to be blamed? Thank you

Mnena responds;

Zion it all boils down to you, you dont need anyone telling or pushing you to do what you need to do. you cant tell me that as an adult you need someone telling you what to do even as kids our parents are there to guide us not make decisions for you.

Mapule Rantlha (a participant from South Africa) askd;

Thanks for response Ma, my question is what if you dont need push. You give your all to everything but the people who arw leadership dont see it that way....say for instance this is happening in church. They feel you need to grow but you know that you know that you are ready to lead say leading morning prayers @ church every now and then. You are so committed you never miss services but the wrong people are put in leadership what needs to be done. Thank you!

Mnena responds;

Thank you mapule, in cases like this, its just a matter of time befpore the leaders realize their mistake, no need to get angry or do anything all you need to do is keep doing your good work, and pray, take it to God in prayers he says we should ask of him anything, so when you find yourself in situations like that just leave it to God he is the final judge and if it is his will for you to lead then he will work it out for you.

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You will be the one to do the transforming, but our part is to minister the good news at every opportunity to these people . even the adulterous ones, there s no sinner so lost that the love of christ cannot reach an honour for me to be here tonight, we'll be talking about relationships, also about peer group pressure, so what is peer pressure and how do I overcome it?

Most times because one does not want to feel left out, when u see ur peers doing something, even though u know it's wrong, u'll also join in. Remember what the scriptures say" evil communication corrupts good manners"

There is a deception in the saying that "Because everyone is doing it , it must be right" The fact that everyone is doing it does not make it right!!!!!

Grace, (a participanting from Yookos) wrote;
'Woow, this mahad grace from seychelles, thank you so much for the platfoam, my question is, how do i transform lives of an adulterous race, with people that dont mind about there bodies and who to give it too, and it includes all ages. thank you.

Mrs. Lola Responds;

Jesus said we should go out into the world and preach the gospel, the good news that whom the son sets free is free indeed, my part is to preach and God will cause the transformation to come

You won't be the one to do the transforming, but our part is to minister the good news at every opportunity to these people . even the adulterous ones, there s no sinner so lost that the love of christ cannot reach.

So is dating and relationships beneficial to my purpose in life? I personally believe that dating should lead to marriage, and who you marry is very very important to your purpose in life, because if you marry someone who isn't supportive of your dreams and aspirations, it is going to be a very long and hard road to achieve them.

So, how do I overcome peer pressure?????? You must first realise that you can overcome it, U CAN DO IT!!!!! Another important thing is to talk to a trusted adult about the pressures you are facing; maybe your youth pastor, your pastor, your parent, a teacher, a school counselor.

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What do you consider as success in academics and what challenges are you likely to face?

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Joshua 1:8. That is the secret. Reading like you have never prayed and praying like you have never read n your life. Academics requires a lot and youths fortunately have the stamina and capability do meet up to these challenges

Marline Oluchi (A participant from Nigeria) responded;
To me, academic success is being the best at what you studsy. It ain't studying to make "A"s. That good but absorb what you study. Retain it for proffessionalism. For example, first class honours isn't awarded just by grades. Your character and integrity also factors. The Holy Spirit also gives us direction and wisdom for academic excellence.

Wekpe Vremudia answered;

Marline, true talk. Academic success is actually being the bekst at not the grades, but being the best at what you learn. Because your As may take you some where great, but your integrity and character is what will keep you there, The University before it awards a degree starts by saying that the individual has been found worthy in character first then in learning. So character is actually the main ingredient of academic success


Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and Happy Childrens Day to you in Nigeria, God bless you as you remember every Child is your child. I hope you are ready and excited like I am?

Okay people I am gonna be answering some questions I was asked to answer.. I first of all want to start by thanking Samuel Zion and his team for this opportunity to bless God's people. I also want to thank all the Other speakers before and after me. A special shout out to Pst Tom Obiazi. I also want to thank my Pastor Rev Chris Oyakhilome Phd for saying Yes to God and teaching me the word of God.

Question 1. Is there a plan for my life? How do I know this? Everybody has a path, a way he is going and the way he ought to go. Prov 4:18-19 talked about the path of the just and that of the wicked. In this world it is either God is your father or the devil is. John 1:12 made that very clear its either u receive Jesus Christ and receive the power to become the son of God or u remain the son of the devil. Every Lord has a plan for his servants, and you cannot give what you don't have.

We know the devil came to steal kill and destroy (John 10:10) so if his is your lord/father, his plan for your life wouldn't be different, either he would use you to inflict what we mentioned on others and eventually on yourself or he would use others to inflict the above on you, its a path of darkness and chaos. But if Jesus is your lord you have been predestinated to the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will(plan).

And just the same way Jesus was about his Father's business in Luke 2:49 you would be about God's business because as Jesus is so are you in this world 1John4:17. So since we are predestinated according to the good pleasure of God's will, then our path is engulfed in God's will and plan which is reconciling men unto God (2 Corithians 5:19). We fulfil God's plan for our life as diversely as the our physical body fulfils its purpose in life which is to be a perfect housing for our spirit.

You may receive visitations, prophecies, visions, dreams but like pastor said if you do not receive any of these manifestations, have no fear, you don't need them. If you need them God would give them to you.. But note this, whatever is revealed to either via prayer, results from opportunities, you must hold to heart and let sink in your spirit, you must be fully persuaded about it, your faith must be rooted ruggedly and stubbornly in it only letting it go for a greater revelation Every part of the body has its specific and diverse responsibility but all to one big purpose, this is the same way we all function in the body of Christ. Some people's path/purpose may be regarded as less important but in the sight of Him we have to do with(God) it isn't. So as every part of your body has a purpose/plan in Life the same way every believer(part of the body of Christ) has a plan/purpose in life.

Still on the first question, you can know your plan by asking and fellowshiping with who drafted your path and pre-destinated you, he knows everything and he has given you his spirit to reveal the deep things of God. 1corithians 2:9-11

As you fellowship with the spirit(praying n singing in tongues, making new melodies to good, study God's word) and sharpen your spiritual senses he would begin to make you acknowledge every good thing he has put in you, your skills, gifts, talents and he would even give you new gifts to help your purpose. He would begin to send or lead you to opportunities for you to use these gifts/talents and you would results mightily favouring his righteous cause.. These are signs leading you to the truth of your purpose in God

God put in those unique skills and gifts In you for a reason, if everyone could have unique finger prints then everyone has a unique destiny and plan for his life.. Believe me

Question 2. Does knowing God play any role in my success? Daniel 11:32b says but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits, so knowing God has everything to do with your success in life. A part of John15:5 also said without Jesus(which is the fullness of the Godhead) you can do nothing. Joshua 1:8 made it clear that u have to meditate day and night on the word of God(which is God because God isn't separate from his word) so u can observe to do the word(which is the proof of your love for God John 14:15) for only then will you make your way prosperous and have GOOD SUCCESS.. So not only does knowing God play a role in your success, KNOWING(Phronesis) God is your SUCCESS!!!! N:B Phronesis is that kind of knowledge that has moved from being aware(eido) to a force causing you to do what you know, a resolute mindset.

Question 3. How do I cause a positive revolution in my city? Like I said earlier, you cannot give what you don't have, a revolution has to have taken place in you, your mind hence your spirit before it can happen in your sphere of contact and spread to your city. The life we have in Christ is an awesome one, not only do we have Zoe(the life of God), we have the ability to pass that life on because the holyspirit in us is a life giving spirit who in turn comes into your life with dunamis(Dynamic ability to cause changes) Acts 1:8a.

But to cause a revolution in your city you must become one with him, you must train your spirit to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so he can fully express himself and carry out his work through us which is Lighting up(revolutionising) your world(city). You must be faithful in Little(locality) to be faithful in much(City and the world at large). You must be faithful in praying, studying God's word, speaking and singing in tongues, winning souls, laying hands when opportunity rises. As you yield to the Holyspirit in things like this he would walk with you, teach you and perfect all that concerns you and make you a burning and shining light that would illuminate(revolutionise) your city.

 Please note that when I say pray, I don't only mean praying for something you or someone needs but praying as a spiritual exercise to work out the excellence in you, its never done until the perfect day. You never stop working out, you do it to keep fit, its spiritual exercise/discipline. The other day I was talking with a friend about the results I had been getting from praying constantly 3am every night and he was inspired and told me to wake him up the next time I wanted to pray.

I did and we prayed and the next day he pinged and me thanking me and he told me it was done, like you say when you are praying for something. I told him I wasn't praying for anything in particular(at least not the best of my mind's knowledge but the holy spirit was addressing things through me) but it was spiritual exercise, I told him it is a work out, its never done till the perfect day. Then it hit him, the truth sank in, may it sink into your hearts as you read this in Jesus name Amen.

With respect to the last question, one thing is certain, you must start from where you are, conquer the challenges where you are, never run away. Winners never run away they rise, conquer and grow out of places like Issac did in Gerar (Genesis 26:1-15). Even Jesus Christ commanded them to start from Jerusalem where they were at that time then unto the outermost part of the earth. Be proud and thankful of humble beginnings(illumination) looking forward to greater and brighter days


There's a question I would like us to deal with. Does Parental advice play any role in making a lasting impact in the world?

It's a loaded question and my first answer would be yes!! However the impact could be either positive or negative depending on the kind of parents, the quality of advice they give and most importantly the kind of examples they show their children. Do as I say alone doesn't cut it. God is a glorious example of a Father who not only taught us how to live by giving us verbal instructions, He also showed and continually shows us how.

Mapule Rantlha (one of our participants from South Africa) asked a question;
Ma how does one prevent straining his/her voice when singing for church services...say for instance the choir is made up of a few number of people and members are new in the ministry and it is required of you to lead most of the songs during services. Thank you so much for the opportunity to ask this question

Ayo Vincent's Response:

Dear Mapule Rantlha I won't deceive you. You cannot sing consistently without some level of strain to your vocal chords. You will have to learn a couple of things. Avoid the tendency to shout, push from your diaphragm when you need to project rather than your chest/ throat. Avoid talking too much especially when you are about to sing because talking loudly strains d voice a lot more. Also you need to know what works for you and what doesn't . Eg cold drinks/ice doesn't work for me so I avoid it. Drink lots of warm water and rest your voice whenever you can.


Pastor Uvie asked;
What are your thoughts about financial liberation and independence

First you must understand the reason for money. Second you must know why you want financial freedom. To be financially independent means you are in a state where you can do what you want to do and not have any setbacks or bottlenecks whatsoever, due to lack of means

The only way I know is the God way,that means you are ready for the financial independence that is perpetual and permanent....and the path to that kind of independence is GIVING....Notice I didn't say spending;but giving...theres no one who becomes a millionaire by earning and spending.....Also there are no two ways about it....the only sure path to multiplying wealth is giving.

Its also important to note that one might have a lot of money..but it might not translate to financial independence....I will explain. One could be so financially buoyant yet much of that money goes into settling litigations ,medical bills, what I call negative spending. In that way you cant really say that individual is financially independent....hes not really free....True financial independence would mean you are able to do all you need to do to improve your life and that of OTHER PEOPLE.

A deep question to ask yourself is 'how strong is my desire?'...your desire to be financially independent must be strong, very strong...otherwise you will only be successful for a short time. You must have times of meditation and visions.,,times where you would need to sit alone all by yourself and dream about your tomorrow and what you want it to be. You cannot wake up one morning when you are fifty years old and begin to blame anyone for your lack of success...the time to avoid that is NOW. When I was younger I saw I would spend hours visualizing in m y mind's eye what I want to be and the kind of life I wanted to live...I visualized my music ministry, my family, the kind of family I wanted to many kids and the order in which they would come...I said a girl and then a boy....and you know what? that's what I have today....all I dreamed of those years gone by...And guess what? im still dreaming my tomorrow into reality! And I worked very hard.. very hard! I would study and study and study! my mom would keep my meals for breakfast lunch and dinner for me....cos I would not eat since I was reading so hard all the but it all paid off...I cleared all my papers in one sitting and got into the university to study Medicine. At the university they told me no one graduates from medical school without having a re-sit or a failure in at least one course.... I told myself 'not me'... I went through medical school without any failure whatsoever in any was a smooth sail for me because I determined in my heart it was going to be so and I worked extremely hard to achieve my im a medical doctor today!

This is why knowing God is very key to your success in life.....the systems of the world are designed to go up to come down...meaning the reason they go up is so that they can come down. And their coming down will be obvious to all But for the righteous, their success and life is clearly stated in prov 4: says the path of the righteous is as the shining light that shines more and more unto the perfect day. One version says its like the rising sun that shines ever so brightly till the fullness of day...gloryyyy This describes permanent success...the type taught us by our man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.